Thursday, November 16, 2006

Al-Jazeera English

The popular Middle East news channel launched an English format station yesterday. The station is already carried on Skyy Satellite in the UK. Originally it was going to be named Al-Jazeera International but the name was changed the day before its launch. It will be interesting to see if any cable providers or satellite providers in the US pick up this channel. An increase in the information channels between the West and East is very important for the prospects of democracy and self-governance. For too long the relationship between our regions of the world has been defined by prejudices, assumptions, and misperception. Also, a large majority of the information has been controlled, published (propagandized) or censored by the government. Hopefully this new channel will reach US televisions so that we can incorporate more information into our own mindsets. (As if there isn't enough competing information already!!)

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