Tuesday, March 27, 2007

COFFEE For All Humanity

VIDEO Starbucks Purchasing Policy In Ethiopia
VIDEO Starbucks cont.

These are really interesting videos made by a Starbucks bruista. She had been fired for her efforts to create a SBux Workers' Union, and then they had to rehire her legally. It's very interesting to hear her narration, the corporate Starbucks press conference and the perspective of the coffee growers cooperative in Ethiopia all in this 10 minute piece.

I also want to mention my friend Sine Bernahu whom hand-roasts-over-fire(TM) Ethiopian Tana Coffee in St. Louis. She is a very nice woman, and I believe now is offering a fine line of dips.

Finally, ( at the top) I am posting 2 pictures of my coffee growing friends in Honduras. The coffee growers and workers formed a cooperative called "Cooperative 25 de Julio." They produce certified Organic coffee in the mountains of Las Vegas en el distrito Yoro de Honduras. The top picture is the a processing site, and also a nursery. The bottom picture is an actual coffee plant growing in the mountain-side shade.

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