Thursday, April 10, 2008

Updated From The Past


well on my way to drowning the sorrows
of limited plans for all our tomorrows
at the point that we've had enough
making it day by day because we're tough

struggling between capability and action
fighting the current to gain some traction
because the downstream of today falls off the earth
requiring a fresh current to signal our birth

only to be torn
living to change
thinking forward so that future generations may still range

roam across the surface of earth
knowing green and blue circumscribe her girth
the wonders are plenty, far and wide
water's cycle the truest of rides

while lifeless cement pounds the feet
the toes wonder how mud might be neat
who is still willing to feel?
where are the people which remain real?

beyond the limits which confine
onto the subjects we have yet to define

you may read this and hear it
but the pen has a voice unlike mine

So, we are left in a quandary
discarded as dirty laundry
longing for retraction from abstraction and distraction
into the purity of ourselves

this will be the grace of human race
when we do what we feel, then we'll save face
before we are gone
the opportunity to create right from wrong

to reverse historical injustice
and kiss, to just kiss
return to our senses, which we seem to ignore
planning forever and more

So, I , maintain this hope
that others may feel these words I wrote

To follow ourselves to a new time
where collective consciousness pursues the divine
you know who you are (inside)
the purest of self is near, not far (don't hide)

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Anonymous said...

this is also cool to read backwards.