Friday, September 21, 2012

My Mind, For You

My Mind, For You

In this crowded world there is competition for your thoughts

Persuasion from all arenas of life working on your mind, your pocketbook, your stomach

Causing you to salivate involuntarily, looking away came too late

But the separation of the mind from the distraction is still possible

To guide your own course you do not need a map

You only need the will, and then the courage, to discover your way

It feels uneasy to take that first step away from what you know

But after the initial fear, the potential is there to experience glory unlike anything you’ve known before

The feel of riding on two wheels for the first time

Jumping from the nest, falling through tree branches does bring pain

But once you fly- all of the boundaries you previously knew seem to slip away

And when you crash, the pain will give you the rawest sense of reality

It lets you know that you are still alive

If you haven’t fallen lately, you aren’t trying to jump quite high enough

Find the courage to accept that everything you know is already outdated

Start learning again with the eyes of a child

And join me as we leap into uncertainty


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