Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dave Chapelle’s Block Party, minute 4:10

Most High we thank you just for being here with us
We thank you for this day G_d
The sun is shining, they said it was supposed to rain
But, G_d you lettin your face show that you want us here
You want every soul here right now
We thank for this message that you’re sending through all these people
We thank you for bringing Dave to bring us together
We dream this day and we ask that you
Just utilize our souls and our spirits
And our voices to glorify you in all that we do
We don’t forget people that’s poor
We don’t forget those that’s at war right now
We don’t forget our comrades in prison
We don’t forget our children G_d
And we prayin' that you can just be through us
And live through us
So that we can raise our people up
And raise ourselves up
And we put you first in all we do
And um, just bless the energy of us
And the people out there
Allow your message to speak through us (Amen)
In the name of J_sus,
In the name of A_lah,
In the spirit of the ancestors
Amen. Asheikum.

*I went back and edited this post because I want it to be clear that For All Humanity does not hold any religious affiliations. I think sometimes the language used in the blog could potentially cause confusion as to the non-profit services which the organization is formed to serve under our articles of incorporation in the state of Missouri. The general sentiment expressed in the speech which is written above, was one which I felt showed that people are willing to work with each other across multiple faiths to come together. In this instance, (Dave Chappelle's Block Party) it was people coming together for music and comedy, two very worthwhile and stress relieving elements of life. There are so many causes which will require people to rise up arove boundaries which previously have divided us. Barriers which in the past have divided us (politics, religion, mountains, languages, cultural peculiarities) can be transformed to rallying points. All people may take part in each of these arenas, and a full spectrum of all opinions will naturally always occur. Ensuring that the ideological differences do not result in physical harm (as has been the long standing historical trend), or that today's battles do not spiral into the complete destruction of the human race due to inability and incompetency in coming together on key issues that are challenges for all societies in the Era and context of Globalism is a central challenge in today's world. For All Humanity is a voice of hope, and sensibility about easy ways for us all to make a meaningful impact in answering the challenges of the modern era. One of the greatest challenges is raising the common moral fiber of all people on this planet to eliminate the injustices which pervade our systems of life. Well, you see, the spirit of working together is what For All Humanity exudes. Including these words on a non-profit, internationally focused blog should not detract from the all inclusive sentiments and intent of this movement.

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