Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This is the address of the newest web based efforts of For All Humanity. It is video clips that fit the general themes of the organization and are pretty cool. There are some real neat videos posted here already and I plan to keep updating both sites. You can find a link to the videos on the right side of the page.

Video Clips For the Enjoyment of All Humanity

Check it out, I hope you enjoy. One measure of a website's success is the number of "click thrus" so be sure to check out comments, post comments (allowed w/o any sign up), check out www.forallhumanity.org the official site, and to just live For All Humanity. More than ever, day after day, the causes that unite mankind in having to preserve the environment in which we live cause us to be interdependent upon each other for the survival of all humans.

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This site is also of interest.