Saturday, July 14, 2007

Breathe For All Humanity

As the contents of air pass around the world in the jetstreams above us, we are witness to a fabulous cycle which has supported life on earth: air. The atmosphere around us has been shared by our ancestors, from prehistoric predecessors to those just a few generations ago. Scientific people explain the mystical respiration process as oxygen entering our lungs, giving us energy and leaving as carbon dioxide. What the casual scientific observer doesn't reflect upon is that we are all breathing in this world at the same time, the same air, the same air dinosaurs breathed ages ago, still cycling and filtering within our atmosphere. Air is a spectacular substance, allowing light to travel through it, and passing sound on as well. The air is the main medium that all people interact with during life. So, next time you take a breath of air, think of the lungs that air may have been in before. Consider that even those you have come to know as enemies are sharing this air with you. We are all caught up in this fabulous, complex, and amazing cycle together: breathe for all humanity.

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