Monday, December 01, 2008

Money: Not For Everyday Use.

Money money money.  All this money talk.  Boy, the rich people sure
are freaking out about their wealth and riches.  The poor endure, scarcely fed.

The seed does not know a dollar sign; the livestock does not
depend on currency; the heart yearns to be free from it.

And so the money is invested into a quickly disappearing dinosaur
who is at the brink of extinction.  Money. Cheddar. Dough. Cash.

Infusing lifelines of cash they throw money at the problems,
but it was money that brought us here.
It is money we must move past.  

The riches of ancient despotic rulers
have passed through generations of hateful accrual only to
remain a force of depravity unto this day.  A binding, heavy chain
dragging down our individual opportunity and freedom
due to the burden of its crushing weight.

But no money can conquer the spirit.
No abstraction of value into paper can replace true beauty.
You only know what your eye is truly seeing by trusting in your mind- 
and in yourself.

These dollar signs will fade away with the glowing neon signs
sputtering into darkness of night, a new night free from artificial light.  A new time.

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